Friday, March 15, 2013

Jan notes that she will be sans wifi, tv, and telephone while visiting parents, in-laws who are in a care facility.
For this Friday Five, let us explore our use of and desire for such items.

1. What types of technologies, like cell phones, computers, tvs, etc., do you routinely use? How frequently?
The computer/internet, cell phone, and TV.

2. What social media and/or games do you like to play? How often? On which device do you occupy yourself? Which method of social media do you prefer?
Mostly a version of Solitaire on-line and usually most days. I'm on the computer of that. I do have a Facebook page for
friends and family.

3. Do you separate online activities between home and work? Or is it all the same everywhere?
Normally, although I do check my email, and will play a couple rounds of Solitaire to clear my head after working up
liturgies or when I may need to ruminate on, say, a newsletter article.

4. Do you have a smart (or I-) phone?
Nope, I have a OFP - Old Folks Phone - a clamshell without internet or texting. Guess I'll be upgrading in the fall as
most everyone has a smart phone and there are times when it would be really handy. Just wish it wasn't so expensive.

5. What do you wish you had--or do not have--in relation to these devices?
Well, I guess I answered that in the question above!!! A smart phone!

Bonus: What is the difference between your attitude towards these means of technology and a generation older or younger than you?
Let's see, I can do a bit more than the generation older than I on the computer and internet. I am technologically
challenged by those younger than I. I don't text, I still haven't got the knack of posting pictures, and I still have
to learn Excell. I grew up when there weren't computers in the homes and had to learn as an adult as I went along. Much
harder that way than using it in school and growing up with them.


Terri said...

People younger than I grew up with these kids have had phones and computers since they were in grammar school or middle, it is more intuitive to, a big learning curve, and then I am sure I only use things at a fraction of what is possible...sigh..

well, I hear you on the price of technology and cell phones! YIKES! and not just the cost of the phone but the monthly service and data all adds up!

Jan said...

Are we the same age? (I'm 62) We are very similar in our tech. abilities and likes. Glad you played!

Margaret Almon said...

Ah, now I know the acronym for my ancient phone!

St. Inuksuk said...

Margaret, actually I cleaned up the acronym for the clamshell phone without internet and texting. I call the Old Fart's Phone but figured, Folks, was a bit kinder and gentler. The young guy at the phone store when I got the new phone and called it OFP, thought that was hilarious!!!
Jan, I'm a few years younger and just missed the school computer learning by a decade or so.