Thursday, January 03, 2013

sick. LH ended the year with a bug and sick and I'm beginning the year with it. Thanks, dear husband of mine!!!
It was a whirlwind end of the year. My sister and BIL decided to drive in from IL on Monday. So, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we were busy cleaning, getting the guest bedroom ready, dusting, mopping, grocery shopping and picking up some fun items to ring in the New Year.
I went in to the church on Monday and LH was home. Our dryer also died just before Christmas and we had ordered a new one. Apparently they don't stock gas dryers only electric because folks are more fearful of gas. So, on order it went. They are more expensive than I remembered and we got a simple, basic dryer. Not to say, that I didn't look longingly at the Whirlpool Duet. But there's no way our tiny laundry room would accomodate the larger, fancier, models with all the bells and whistle. Technically, we just need to be able to dry our clothes!
That dryer was also due to be delivered and installed on Monday!
I hurried home after a hospital visit and it started to snow. Mainly, it just blew around, the interstate remained clean. Until I came up on my exit, where the snow was starting to coat the streets. By the time, I drove into our development, it was getting slippery and it took three attempts to make it up the driveway. And, to my surprise, the company had not yet arrived - nearly an hour later than they had planned.
So, I changed, did a couple last minute things, filled the stock pot with water ready to await the gift of dinner.
Finally, after another half hour, they did indeed arrive - bearing gifts of frozen crab legs, Eli's cheesecake, and a beautiful orchid plant. The most precious and welcome gift was themselves. We hadn't seen each other in over a year. It felt so wonderful to be in their company.
Dinner was scrumptious and the company even better.
We talked, we played Jenga and got the block tower to 34 levels. And every time it was our turn, we knew it would topple and it didn't. That went on for nearly a half hour. LH finally toppled it and I won!
There were Island Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Panettone (warmed in the oven) and a
most wonderful Prosecco to ring in the New Year. We donned our hats, tiaras, beads, paper 2013 eyeglasses, horns and clackers and with a bubbly toast greeted the new year.
On New Year's day, LH's sisters joined the merry gang for dinner. And there was ham for all to enjoy. That was after our traditional breakfast of eggs benedict (which the SILs missed since they didn't come until the afternoon.).
With little sleep, much activity and excitement, and LH still very buggy, it's no wonder that I am not well at the present. I hope to have a voice to lead worship and preach with on Sunday, plus I teach Adult Sunday School and will have a Confirmation Class following the second service. I am resting my voice. I am gargling with warm salt water. I may need to invest in some Mucinex.
The year can only get better as I will too!!!!
And, I got to see my sister last year and this year already, too!!!!
We live way too far apart. I miss my family and being able to see them from time to time. It is as it is, at least for now and in the near future, unless God has other plans for us in the coming year.

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