Thursday, January 17, 2013

I've been busy preparing for the upcoming season of Lentand preoccupied with the seething unrest and unresolved backlash of grief from an incident at the church into which I walked in as an interim. There is much healing to be done there. It is my prayer for them.
To that end, I am preparing a mid-week Lenten series on different types of prayer, to open them up to new forms of praying for one another and their community of faith.
I will need to prepare for the upcoming congregational meeting in February to which they, thankfully, agreed to hold a potluck so as to break bread together.
They also need some mission project and vision to work towards together, as well as to communicate with one another.
So, although, I have not been posting as much, I am indeed at work.
I marvel that the past two interims, at churches of another denomination, have been so challenging and more screwed up than perhaps the governing body truly realizes. Or perhaps, they do, and sent in the sacrificial Presbyterian into the lions' and wolves' den!!!!
With my star gift word of "tenderness" this year, I am trying to live that as I hold tenderly their need to heal and the woundedness they are feeling and going through. I pray that they can come through this transformed and more vital. But am not sure how possible that is.
In the meanwhile, I do what I can to promote healing, to model healthy communication and behavior and trust that God's Spirit is at work inspite and despite of us all.


Teri said...

I think our midweek series is also going to be a spiritual practice group, exploring different kinds of prayer. I'll be interested to see what you decide to do!

St. Inuksuk said...

i'll be doing:
Lectio Divina, Daily Examen, Guided Meditation, Labyrinth & Body Prayer, and Jesus/Centering Prayer.
I've done this before and it worked well.
I've also done praying with color and holding a cross prayer walk,
and then having folks at the end of one evening with various prayer types presented, choose one to try and then to use a white pipe cleaner to made a symbol of their prayer time. They put their symbol on a purple cloth draped table within white rope lights during our closing worship. It looked so cool. They took their symbol home with them.