Sunday, September 02, 2012

Yesterday and today we are receiving the renmants of Isaac. So far, between yesterday and last night, we got an inch and a quarter of much needed rain. The grass is getting greener and the garden seems much refreshed and happier.
It's amazing to think that the rain we are rejoicing in, wrecked such havoc in the Carribean and in New Orleans, but even more amazing that this rain had it's beginnings as a storm off the coast of Africa, travelling across the Atlantic, through the Carribean, across the Gulf of Mexico, and up from New Orleans all the way to NE Ohio.
What a journey this water has made! What grateful recepients here that we are. I doubt that most people give rain a second thought. Yes, some farmers are truly rejoicing and are thankful. But the majority merely complain about the dampening of their Labor Day weekend plans.
African rain in OH! How amazing is that? Or how water recycles itself the world over.
God has created an astounding universe and world in which we live, breathe and have our being. Do we even stop for a moment to consider that, give thanks, and savor the glory and wonder of it all? I will today. Hope that you will join in as well.

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