Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I have begun a new position in a church of another denomination - two days a week and Sundays with two services. I survived the first Sunday intact although rather tired
and sore afterward which warranted a two hour nap in the afternoon.
It is a 70 minute commute one way. I don't know how this will go in the winter with snow or ice. We'll cross that bridge when it comes.
It is good to be serving again. I simply wish I wasn't as lame or the folks as anxious in this interim time that they drive away a council member who does so much and is wise and is working for the good of the church.
Yesterday was PT day. Again they brought me to tears and to the place where I have to yell - "no more", "I can't" and "enough". They always apologize and I always assure them that they are only doing what needs to be done. It is hard on us, both the PT and me. I don't know why it's taking longer this time. On the bike, after heat and bending, the pilates machine, the leg press and the leg curl machine and more bending and stretching of the muscle, they put me on the bike and were abe to set the seat at 6
instead of 7, or is it 5 instead of 6. Either way it's a notch lower.
I wish I was beyond the pain and could work on strengthening the muscle. I also get very sore in the back of thigh muscle up to the gluets and hip. Believe me, the commute reminds me of it. I am waking up every time I roll over or change position in bed. Our mattress is way too firm and hard for me any more. May have to ge a new mattress and see if it helps.
Also had to invest in a new laptop. My old one still runs on ME!!!! And it weighs a ton compared to this little Vaio ultrabook. I am newly beginning to learn and get used to a touchpad and laptop.
So in the midst of pain and torture and healing - newness is rising up in serving a new church, gaining laptop skills and putting lots and lots of miles on an old van.
I pray I can help this church weather this interim time, to lessen their anxiety,
to look to the future, to invite others to a bible study or other church event.
I desire newness in the degree of bending in my knee so that I can get on and be
"normal" once more and move like I used to. It all comes down to trust, for me and for the church. Trust in God for help, guidance, and simply God's presence and healing. And to keep looking for the newly begun springing up around us.

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Sarah B said...

You can do it, Barbara!! I have total faith in you!

Love, yer SIL,