Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Happy 1st of August to all my Swiss family!!!
Well, to my surprise, I will be starting therapy - 3 times a week. Have to get it set up. This is sooner than 7 years ago, since it's only a month since my surgery. I have to work on lifting my leg. I tried a few times this morning and will keep trying until I can lift it off the bed if even a fraction of an inch!
It struck me again today when I went to the premier orthopaedic center in this region, that having a sloped entryway is just not helpful to people who can't walk well. The slight slope makes it hard to walk up into the doors and hard to walk down when leaving and getting to your car. I know that those in wheelchairs have the same problem along with those of us on canes, walkers, or foot/leg boots. Whatever were they thinking?
Did I mention that getting to the MRI involved a walk to an elevator, down one story, exit the elevator down a hallway, left turn and down another extremely long hallway and then a right into the MRI lobby. This is a premier orthopaedic center. Most of the patients aren't able to walk well - knee, leg, hip, spine, etc. problems and they have to go so far to get to the MRI. There isn't even an outside entrance - like drive up, enter the lobby and then into the MRI room.
One really has to wonder about the architects and engineers who obviously never had an orthopaedic injury to take into account. I am not a brilliant person, but I would have designed it much differently.
This injury and surgery gives me a greater appreciation for those who cannot easily get around and the obstacles they face daily. At least my immobility is temporary.
It just makes you wonder and ask where were the surgeons and doctors and did they not have any input or were they simply not thinking when the place was built?
So, my summer vacation - since I am between calls at the moment - will be the Olympic trials of therapy and rehab. I will be working out like an injured athlete. Oh joy!!! I could think of a thousand ways I'd rather be spending my summer vacation. But here we go and maybe by the end of August I will be able to actually sit normally!!!!

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