Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seven Weeks And Counting-
Into my 7th week since surgery and with help, my knee is bending at near 90 degrees.
Progress, slow progress. I still cannot do a full revolution on the bike. On Monday, I had a long, hard workout. I was on the leg press for 5 minutes and had to stop 10 seconds shy of the full 5, because my leg had no more to give and I couldn't hardly keep it up on the metal board. I still have trouble with the little hurdles going right foot first and then bringing the left over them. Sigh. The best part of therapy is the massage to break up scar tissue and even the bending, though somewhat painful, is ok. They have given me electro-stimulation after a workout. That has been relaxing -after the more than ice cold electrodes are placed on either side of the knee. You can just lay there and the let the current flow to the knee. I used the time to rest in God's care and healing power. I felt so much better going home Friday after that. In fact, I even talked LH into taking me to a dept. store nearby. He helped me out of the car while parked in front of the entrance. I found 2 pairs of dress slacks that I sorely needed since losing weight. ( I also found a shirt and knit top). I can't believe how good it was to be somewhere besides the doctor's office and PT gym!!!
I was thoroughly worn out Friday evening and slept good that night.
I am trying to get some things accomplished - like shortening a dress. (actually I have three that need shortening) So far, I have marked the hem line and cut line on one. Today, I will tackle cutting and serging the hem. And if I am up to it, pinning it to the hem line. Since I can't sit all that long at a time, I have to do everything in measured doses, thus it takes me longer to do things. I also don't have the stamina and energy I had before surgery. This, of course, is frustrating, but part of the healing process. I have to remind myself that my body is still healing and knitting back together - tissues, muscle, nerve endings. And that on a cellular level my body is still very, very busy and that a nap a day is good and helpful to the healing process. It' just hard not to feel guilty about taking a nap or not getting as much in a day as I would like.
I have a possible interim position with a church in another denomintation. They have two services on Sunday and the drive is about an hour. I am contemplating how I will be able to handle that by mid-Sept. without falling asleep on the ride home - totally wrung out and exhausted, with a throbbing, aching, hurting knee. I can probably put the knee up for 20 minutes or so between services, even if it is unladylike.
That, too, will last a few months beyond the end of therapy. Putting the knee up for 20 minutes when it is tired and achy. I had kinda forgotten about that, but such memories are slowly returning.
Trying to stay motivated and not get too discouraged by the slow progess. I always do a couple more repitetions than required and even used 4 lbs on the one machine rather than 3 lbs which would've been easier. So, I am working it!

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