Monday, June 06, 2011

Today Jett is having surgery, again, on the same left elbow. I dropped him off early this morning and sometime today, the Vet will carve out some more onerous tissue and stitch him back together.
We are requesting that he spend the night and get more anesthesia out of him before coming home. It was such a nightmare 7 months ago. He was up all night not knowing what to do with himself. Couldn't stand for long, yet too wired, upset, too sleep, had to go out which took all his energy and then flopped down in the grass for 20 minutes before he had the strength to stand up again and then I had to lift his hind end up the two steps into the house. I was up 24 hours and not my best self. I can't do that again.
I just pray all will go well and my dear, lovely Jett will have a few more months with us and grace our lives with his handsome face and good looks, his elegant being, and just the beautiful grey that he is.

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