Friday, June 10, 2011

LH had to take Jett to the Vet on Thurs. afternoon. We knew his leg was swollen from the surgery and it looked bigger than last time. So, LH gathered him up and drove to the Vet. They took his bandage off and said it was good we hadn't waited any longer.
So, Jett had one greyhound leg and foot and one that looked like it belonged to an English Mastiff!!! Ergo, Bigfoot Jett!!
The swelling went down and looked much better this morning, after an awful night of Jett sleeping in the grass and LH getting me up at 3 am and he going to bed. I slept on the couch and checked on Jett outside from time to time.
Finally, at nearly 6 am, Jett came in. His wound, unbandaged since the trip to the Vet, had a little pooling of blood. Finally, he laid down in the dog bed.
Today, the regular Vet appointment. Jett had a blood blister which they squeezed, cleaned the wound and rebandaged it. Back in the van, up the stairs into the house. He has been anxious ever since: lying down for 20 minutes, getting up , whining, drooling, etc. So, I called the Vet and took her up on the offer for a Xanax prescript which I just picked up. Waiting for LH to return from the store with some KauKauna cheese which is the only thing Jett will take medicine in.
Let's see, that makes 5 visits to the Vet and or Animal Hospital in 5 days. We'll keep the tally going. Hoping for a quiet, healing week with Jett.
Maybe, we can all sleep tonight. That is our prayer and our hope.

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