Saturday, June 04, 2011


Summer Reruns Friday Five
It's that time of year when the only new things on television are music/dance competitions (the 21st century answer to variety shows?). Yes, it's the season of reruns.

This week the clock turned back to last fall and the Glee kids went back to school and still got "slushied," and Michael hired his nephew on The Office, which was not something even he would be likely to repeat.

In honor of this annual Time Warp, please share five things worth a repeat. These could be books, movies, CDs, recipes, vacations, or even TV shows.

1. Reruns of "Frasier" still make me laugh. The witty erudite comedy never
fails to amuse me. I have missed the show.

2. "Under the Tuscan Sun" will undoubtedly be popped into the DVD player
again sometime. One of my favorites.

3. Asian Cole Slaw will be on the menu several times during the summer.
Refreshing, cool, and goes well with hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.

4. Praying I can make a trip to Chicago/Wisconsin to the Lake House to
see my sister. We usually go every summer for a week. Without my working
it will be a real a challenge to be able to go. Perhaps, I may have to
go by myself without LH. And it just won't be the same.

5. Hoping to have enough tomatoes to make 4 quarts of lasagna sauce again
this year and using the fresh herbs in my garden.

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