Monday, June 13, 2011

Jett still has bigfoot. It hasn't gotten any worse. The bandage is not to tight since I can get my finger or two fingers between his leg and bandage. He did barf up a little last night. LH will monitor him today.
We did get some sleep the next night. Apparently, the Xanax helped him to relax. It took pretty quick effect, but that silly grey fought it for two hours. His hips were swaying, he was unsteady on his feet, he stumbled around, but would he lay down and stay there? NO! Finally, after two hours of this, he did succomb to rest. He's been good ever since and we haven't had to give him anymore.
Maybe, I may need some after my last day here on Wednesday. So, much anxiety about what will come next and preparing myself for something new.
With interim ministry it is always about endings and begininnings and endings and beginnings....
My last Sunday was good, even if the congregation was a bit subdued. They had a farewell coffee hour with homemade blueberry muffins and cookies, and of course, I was the last one there!!!! I left with a few touching gifts and it was hard to say good-bye. What a great community of faith, but they are so ready to move forward and I am not the one to take them there but the new pastor coming in will. So I leave them in God's good hands.
I will not miss the apartment. I will not miss Saturday's leaving home after supper to return. I will not miss the hour drive. I will not miss the cold of the apartment with spaceheaters that cost an arm and a leg to heat during the winter. I will not miss the unbearable heat in the summer - especially this year since I sold my wimpy air conditioner from last year.
Three fans didn't do much and I drove home on the really hot nights.
One new tire and two new windshields later, I am glad to return home.
Ministry is lonely enough, difficult enough, without being able to sleep in one's own bed, in one's own home, with spouse and furry companions. It has been emotionally very hard on me these 19 months. I struggle with separation, probably because we spent our first year of marriage separated by 400 miles, an 8 hour drive, and only seeing each other once or twice a month. That was enough to last me a lifetime. AT least this time, if I really needed to go home, it was possible.
It is time for me to move on to the next thing God has in store. I am trusting and praying that something will come before too long.
Three more nights, then clean out the apartment and I'm home again!!!
Thanks be to God.

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