Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Sky Is Blue -
Yes, for the first time in 5 days, we actually have a blue sky today!!!!
For the past 5 days it has been cold, dreary, rainy, rainy, rainy.
Yesterday, shortly around 5 pm, the rain and grey sky moved east and the sun broke out in the west and there was a beautiful rainbow that appeared in all its colorful promise. I love rainbows and whenever it looks like there will be a possibility for one, I look for it. All too soon they fade in muted shades of washed out colors.
And it astounds me, how so many miss it. They don't stop, take notice, or even see. Too busy doing whatever it is they are doing or involved with, to notice the beauty, the hope-filled promise before them, the grace among them. I noticed. I was touched. I gave thanks to God. And my spirit felt lighter and brighter just to be touched by God's beauty and grace.
If we don't stop to notice, to look, to see what is before us and around us, we miss so much. We miss God. We miss out on grace. We miss the healing of our souls. We miss the joy that is scattered around us waiting to be drawn into us.
Today, I give thanks for blue skies and sunshine and a rainbow full of grace.

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