Monday, October 18, 2010


It is another full week with yet another Memorial Service. Had one last week with the service one day followed by a luncheon and the commital the next morning.
I also had a Presbytery meeting 2 Saturdays ago and will be taking my second half day off to compensate this week on Thursday. With the Memorial service this Saturday, that will be another 2 half days off the next two Thursdays, except for Oct. 28th when I won't be able to leave until after 2:30 pm because of the Women's Assoc. meeting. I won't get home til after 3:30 pm, so not much of an afternoon off. It just goes with the territory but I am trying to hold to the 3/4 time. Plus, I really miss being home and am usually anxious to get home on Thursdays.
The herb garden has been mostly put to rest. I yanked out the giant tomato vines which are now in the garage where the beautiful green tomatoes will hopefully ripen yet on the vine. One year, I had a red homegrown tomato in January!!
I plucked the dried basil leaves and put them in a jar.
I still have to pluck the tarragon.
The marjoram remains in the ground and I hope to pull it out next weekend. The curly parsley bush is still in as is the rosemary. I also need to put the dried sage leaves in storage containers.
I replanted my garlic, put down Sweet Peet and crumbled egg shells on top. (The calcium leeches back into the soil and prevents blossom end rot).
Still need to cut down the front perenial flower beds and sprinkle some good old-fashioned cow manure down.
My hamstrings are still complaining today!!!
It's always saddens me some to lay the garden to rest. It was a bountiful year of tomatoes and herbs and I will miss them. However, I know the ground needs to rest and that the plants have given their best and also deserve rest. Don't know that we will still be where we are next spring. I pray that God will open up a position for LH soon and then, we will have to sell the house. Wherever we end up, I hope that I can plant another herb garden and grow some perenials.
For now, the growing year is over and I thank God for the fullness of the threshing floor and the overflowing vats of wine and oil. And there will still be parsley aplenty!!!

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