Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm soooo behind in my gardening. The weeds have begun to overtake the herb garden, not to mention the front flower beds. It didn't rain for some time and it was very warm. Things grew overnight and the ground got hard. Now it rained, and I can't get out there!!!
The chives are ready for their first cutting! Little chives are springing up all over, the dandelions are blooming, the Canadian Thistle is growing taller and the sour clover has spread a network the lentgth of the flower bed and one Queen Anne's lace will need a shovel to get at its turnip root.
It's also window washing time again.
Time for Ben's dental.
Time for me to do my laundry.
Time to wrap and send SIL's 50th Birthday package - pampering spa, chocolate,
princess and wild woman
Time to wrap Confirmands and Mentors gifts & cards - for this Sunday
Time to wrap FIL's 80th Birthday gift - also for this Sunday
Time to get moving on a Synod retreat
Time to start rewriting the openings and closings for VBS
It just never seems to stop.
Ever feel like your just spinning your wheels and not going anywhere or getting anywhere?
I've been here nearly 4 years and feel like there is little that has been accomplished at the church. I know that it is in God's hands, but there seems to be little or no fruit. The church is aging and no new members except for the 3 Confirmands which we welcome with joy and love. They have grown up in the congregation and are great kids.
I have spent time in pastoral care with at least 3 non-members who are still non-members. I invite folks to share ideas and they are quiet.
I don't feel as though I am doing much good here, nor am being very effective. And I care too much for the wonderful folks here to drag them down. But I can't carry the whole church myself or be the miraculous breath of the Spirit that breathes new life into them. I feel so tired and spent.
One member complained "Why do we have inserts on hymns when we have two hymnals?"
Answer: Neither hymn was in the hymnal - "Just a Closer Walk" and "They'll Know We are Christians". Neither of them unfamiliar to our folks. But I figure, if that's all they have to complain about, then it isn't too bad. I pray for God's Spirit to come, with a mighty gust into and through them and I. Come, Holy Spirit, come breathe your breath of life into us, into all the world.

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