Wednesday, April 23, 2008


*Stomping out fires with joint VBS, and national/local organization-
It has been draining and tiring, many hurt feelings, people who
have lost sight of the big picture, big egos, etc. The fires are not
quite out and one may yet be smoldering, but the congregation is
supportive and our representatives are good and solid folks
*Presbytery - Continuing Ed day and meeting. 'Nuff said.
*Session - meeting with Confirmands (3 out of initial 5)and committee meetings
*Writing- sermons, newsletter articles, and press release for National Day of
Prayer Breakfast host at our church and sponsored with the Methodists
*Visitation - of elderly, shut-ins and sick
*Getting gifts - for confirmands, graduates
*Weekly shopping and errand running
*Vet - annual checkups, Ben needs a dental
*Sighing over the herb garden and flower beds running rampant with weeds and
not having time to weed after rain, guess I may use the hose to soften the
ground this Fri. Fertilized the lawn - why are there still dandelions coming
up after applying Turf Builder plus 2?
*Feeding the bluebirds
*Ironing all the summer clothes I dumped the end of October after our trip to
South Africa. Need them now for Spring/Summer
*Gift-bagging the Adminstrative Assistants Day gifts for LH and me to give to
the church secretaries
*Baby Shower gift purchase, gift-bagging and attending the shower
*My Bed - but never for long enough
*Nursing my thumb that I sliced on my razor this morning in the shower
I really did a number on it
*Church Clean-up Morning - raking every leaf from the entire village that
gathered in all our bushes around the church

That's where I've been in this very busy and trying month of April. May doesn't look all that promising either - a very hectic month around here. Maybe, just maybe the beginning of June may offer some breathing space with God and a re-engergizing!
One special grace: Finding a pair of sandals that fit my feet to replace a worn
stretched out pair. What a joy! Comfortable sandals that fit!

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