Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Have a parishioner who's undergoing treatment for cancer at mega hospital in City on the North Shore. He'll be there all week for 7 weeks and come home on weekends.
This was to commence on Monday of this week. This person sings in the choir.
The choir anthem Sunday morning was, "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me".
There couldn't have been a more appropriate piece that morning for this one parishioner. There were several other places in worship - prayer, something in the sermon, that just seemed meant for him. He slipped out while I was greeting folks.
So, when I got home and had lunch, I called him. Again to assure him of our prayers, of our willingness to help with any need, and I mentioned the anthem and how God seemed to be speaking to him through it. He agreed and noted that he found it hard to sing in a couple places. A good, hard, I affirmed, where the truth meets our deep need, fear, hurt, etc., where God has connected with us.
I continually marvel at God's synchronicity/simultaneity within us and around us. It's as though God is saying, I am with you. I love you. Take notice. I am here.
It's a wondrous, holy and mysterious thing, God's synchronicity/simultaneity.

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