Monday, May 07, 2007

Hard to believe that Ben turned 9 last week (May 2nd). Sweet, gentle Ben. I keep telling him not to turn too old too soon. After nine years, he' still afraid of loud noises, things that fall on the kitchen floor, shirts on the clothesline flapping in the wind, raised voices, and of course, those colorful four-letter words - he knows them all. Sure makes you wonder how those idiot trainers must have yelled at him with those awful 4-letter words all the time. After nine years of never being yelled at, Ben still has not forgotten. He is the sweetest greyhound ever, gentle and humble of heart. He teaches me to be more gentle. For all he lacks in courage he makes up for in utter sweetness. Ben would never hurt a fly. He doesn't demand although he will lean on you 'til you near fall over and he'll glue himself to your thigh.
Lately, because Jett is the confident, prima dona, rascally rapscallion, and demander of attention, Ben has been a bit more forward to get equal time and attention for hugs and rubs. Ben still defers to Jett to be the first through the door.
So Ben is now a senior citizen greyhound and even the backs of ears are turning white.
I wish dogs wouldn't get old so fast. But I am grateful and thankful that we share our home, hearts and couches with them. And that when Ben crosses Rainbow Bridge, we'll welcome another grey into our lives and gave that new grey a second chance at life.


zorra said...

I love reading about your dogs. Is there anything better than being mom to a precious senior dog?

St. Inuksuk said...

Nope, can't think of one especially with loveable, companionable, goofy greyhounds!