Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Day Off

Friday was my day off and after grocery shopping and filling the gas tank, I came home to tackle the one job, Maree, our invisible maid, will not do - windows!
It was a gorgeous day, bright with sunshine and not too hot. Our windows and glass sliding door were spotted with dried up rain drops and marred with doggie nose tracings, so much so, you could hardly get a good view. I like cleaning windows in spring, especially after getting the recipe for the best window cleaner ever at one church I served.
I gather up old newspapers and my homemade window cleaner and I spray and rub until, WOW, when it looks like there's no window there at all. Everything looks more vibrant, clean with a clarity that opens your eyes. The house seems more expansive, as if everything has opened up along with the budding leaves on the trees. It's as though you can breathe more easily and deeply with a freshness only Spring can bring.
And you take in the spaciousness of creation that opens your soul.
Along with the windows, it's as if, in the rubbing and wiping away the grime of winter, I have been rubbed clean as well, made new in this season of Easter when God is making all things new. Now I can perceive it!!
What is God rubbing and cleaning away from your soul, life or spirit in order to welcome God's expansive love and spacious grace so that you can perceive the new things, new life God is bringing to you?
This is a spring ritual that opens me to welcome all that God longs to bring me in the coming months.

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