Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting Ready for Pentecost

Wow! One of my elders put up two long skinny banners that I feverishly sewed up last week. They hang on either side of the altar on the wall in this long skinny space. The church is all off-white so these red panels now pop! It was a pretty cool fabric at the Mega Store - red and orange mottled sort of tie dye with multi-colored threads running the length of it. The multi thread lines had blue, yellow, green, purple -some colors you can see in a fire. However, most folks will be sitting too far away to really see that.
I had to shorten the panels by 13 inches (ripping out seams I doublestitched to reinforce). Now I see there are still 6 1/2 inches too long - but a whole lot better than they were. They also could be 2 inches wider.
How in the world can measurements taken in December and carefully written down, change over the winter months? I am baffled!
Well, anyway, they are as they are at this point, and still look really great.
The hope is that if the feedback is positive - we'll make a couple other colored panels and perhaps, the Spirit will lead us into making proper banners with material and not felt with glued on felt!!!
Am praying the Spirit will spur us on to greater and better fabric panels and banners!!!
May the inspiration and encouragement of God's own Spirit be especially with you this day and the days to follow!

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