Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So, the red fabric panels were big hit on Pentecost Sunday!!!!!!!!
Yeehaw!! So many comments on the color and life they brought to the sanctuary!
I still have to shorten them 6 inches. But I admit, Wow! They looked great!
One parishioner asked me just this morning where they were purchased and/or who donated them. I told her I made them!
Not too hard to measure and hem up the sides of a piece of fabric.
Doing a banner, well, that takes a vision far greater than mine and drawing abilities, which I missed out on when heaven was giving away talent in that area.
Sighhh...of all the things I've most wished for was the ability to draw and paint.
Alas, I was given only the ability to appreciate the work of others. However, every artist needs an appreciative audience so I at least I can enjoy what others have created.
Because the fabric panels went over so well, I found some green batik material and will make green panels to leave up for longer periods of time during Ordinary Time.
I will be on the hunt for some purple fabric for Lent. And I suppose that means the fabric I had in mind for the Easter season which is stashed away in our cave of a basement should be brought to light.
Looks like I have a few more hours of measuring, pinning and sewing before me this summer!! At least this minor artistic endeavor I can manage!!!

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