Monday, March 05, 2007


On Friday, LH and I went to have our taxes prepared. Always an hour + ordeal. I know we never claim everything! And then it's disheartening to see how much we've had to pay in. Not that I am against taxes to provide the services needed for all folks.
So the ride up North to the Big City on the North Coast,
to get to the tax preparer, takes about an hour,
but she's very good. Since we were in the Big CityNC we decided to check out the Big City Market. This is one of the things I miss most about not living adjacent to the BCNC.
The Market boasts the freshest produce at great prices, it's fresher than any grocery store. Everything looked so good, you just wanted one of everything. In the end, we settled for aspargus, raspberries, and garlic. We already had produce at home.
The inside of the Market features meat butchers and vendors of various kinds. Need a goat head? They have that. Need a rabbit. Yup, it's available. Along with regular cuts of most every kind of meat, bones, sausages, fish, etc. There are cheese vendors, pastry and bakery vendors as well.
Since it was lunch time LH and I enjoyed a bratwurst sandwich and then shopped. We splurged on Arctic Char and I confess, we picked up a rabbit, which I told LH I will make before Easter but never on Easter - who in their right mind would have bunny on Easter?!!!? Kinda sick.
I found some nut horns for dessert, my absolute favorite jam: HERO Forest Berry Jam. (Hero is a Swiss company) and some Raclette cheese and Appenzeller cheese! Wow, some smelly, great tasting cheese.
Now, we'll need to make Raclette before it gets too warm. We enjoyed a wonderful cheese fondue that night for dinner.
How nice to actually do something together on our day off, even if it was getting taxes done and grocery shopping! Usually, we are running our separate errands.
It made the drudgery of taxes worthwhile.
Now, if we can just squeeze in a visit to the Art Musuem in two weeks or so to catch the Most Famous Impressionist exhibit, that would go a long way to keep my spirit quenched and feeling like I have something of a normal life, besides, moderating meetings, writing sermons, visiting the old folks, and putting liturgies together.
May your tax prep and time hold a grace that will quench your spirit in this very busy season of Lent.

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