Monday, March 26, 2007

How my heart rejoices
And my spirit rings
when my eyes alight
on the crocuses of spring.
Richly purple with vibrant
orange centers
popping up amid the slumbering
remains of the past growing season.
In all the neighborhood, bleakly bland
up you pop and take your stand
heralding the new life to come.

We live in a faily new subdivision where everyone has the same boring low maintenance landscape of barberrys, junipers, and other little bushes and evergreens embedded in heaping piles of mulch. A few have planted daffodils, even few tulips and there are some fans of day lillies. But our house stands out (right now because of the weeds and grasses that to be weeded!!) with gorgeous purples crocuses, daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinth and all the perenials I planted. Yes, it is more maintenance but from now 'til November color and blooms provide delight and enjoyment to us and hopefully, to all who pass by our house. Life is too short for boring, cookie cutter landscaping. Think outside the box of the subdivision and let the glory of God's beautiful and marvelous creations be seen and enjoyed!!
Obviously, I'm thrilled with my beautiful crocuses and look forward to see my perenial garden bloom in all its layered and textured stages. For now I boast, of having the first color in the whole subdivision!!!!! (God forgive me for my smug gloating!)
May the stirrings of new life poke through and burst into blossom around you.

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