Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is It Tuesday, already?

This will be short and to the point!
In the last week, I've written a piece for the Easter sunrise service.
Helped run the Women's meeting
Welcomed a college choir for their concert at the church and put in a 13 hour day.
Wrote my sermon.
Went to the grocery store.
Went to the Doctor.
Went to the Pharmacy.
Took a nap. (It was the sinus infection)
Prepared for a retreat.
Led the church council retreat for LH.
Led Adult SS class.
Led worship.
Went to hospital to see person who fell ill in worship.
Got lunch.
Drove back to church to pick up frozen meal to deliver to the family
of kids I confirmed whose Mom is undergoing chemo therapy.
Drove to house of parishioner whose husband died that morning.
Got home.
Had an hour and half break to make and eat dinner, glance over paper.
Worked on funeral liturgy/bulletin
Women's bible study
Go over funeral bulletin with secretary
Interruptions and usually Monday stuff
Internet service not working, secretary tries to fix
Release time Christian Ed with noisey kids
Telephone rings often
Work on Sunday's liturgy and bulletin
Organist comes in for funeral hymns and to practice
By 2:30 pm it is hopeless to work on funeral sermon -
need some space to clear my head.
Head for home. Sit down to computer. Begin writing funeral sermon.
Make dinner, clean up.
Go back and finesse sermon. Write up invocation and call to worship.
Make 2 phone calls
Correct letter in name of two pallbearers.
Stop by parishioner's house to pick up poem to be read at funeral
Make a nursing home visit
Funeral home visit.
Go home.
Make some scalloped potatoes for funeral luncheon for 150--175?
Wed. Lenten Breakfast 9am
I am the scheduled speaker of course
10:30 am viewing before the funeral service
11:30 am Funeral service in sanctuary
12:15 Luncheon - served in seatings and shifts
2 pm Leave for the cemetary about an hour away
4 pmish Arrive back at church.
5:30 pm dinner break
6:45 pm leave for Old Folks Home worship service
7 pm Old Folks Home worship service
9: pm Hopefully, I will be home.

When I saw the Doctor about my sinus infection I asked if he wanted to know how I got it in a nutshell:
"It's Lent. More activities. Long hours. Lots of people. Gazillions of germs."
He agreed.
I hope I live to see Easter!

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