Monday, March 05, 2007


1. Would you call yourself "creative"? Why or why not?
I have creative moments, times of inspiration, but they are sporadic
and often Spirit-dependent. Creativity takes space and time, not
always possible in full-time ministry.

2. Share a creative or artistic pursuit you currently do that you'd like to develop further.
I would love to spend more time writing, on photography and even
watercolor. I never did get water coloring down until at a retreat last
fall where there was much time to just be. I went to the watercolor
table and painted pine trees and bare trees with snowflakes falling.
I even had fun making the sky grey with blue and black paint and
moving the brush a couple different ways to get a different effect.
I still have the book marker I made for myself and marvel at it.
The bigger scene I made became a Birthday Card for one of the
retreatants signed by all who were there.
3. Share a creative or artistic pursuit you have never done but would like to try.
Dance would be fun, but I'm such a klutz and totally non-athletic.

4. Complete this sentence: "I am in awe of people who can _____________."
Paint, draw, sing, dance, and have the eye for photography.
5. Share about a person who has encouraged your creativity, who has "called you to your best self." (I'm pretty sure that's from the Gospel of Oprah.
My aunt who took my sister and I to the Art Institute in Chicago whenever we went downtown to visit for a weekend. She also made us make things for Christmas, like a hanging banner, or mosaic trivets. She bought us a piano and so we took lessons. Tante H also listened exclusively to the FM Classical station.
The folks at the creative writing class I was at in Michigan who
encouraged me.
My time with the body of Christ that was in PA with a spiritual direction group.

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