Thursday, August 10, 2006


In the midst of my 11 hour day yesterday, LH calls and suggests that he come down into the country for dinner at the Renowned Dariette here in town. I gave an enthusiastic "yes"!
The problem with commuting to church is not being able to go home for lunch or dinner. So, I pull some 10-12 hour days and hardly see LH or The Boys (my sweet pair of Greys who hang all over me when I eventually do get home too tired and drained to do much of anything).
So, my dear LH drove down and picked me up at the church where the Bloodmobile was in progress. I saw his car pull in and joyfully announced that my Dinner Date had arrived! We drove to the Dariette, ordered our less than healthy meals and sat down on at a picnic table beneath a tree. It was a lovely evening about 78 degrees with blue sky, sunshine and a slight breeze. We ate and talked and watched the traffic on the HWY. Every once in while a horse and buggy would go by; more than I have seen in awhile. After our sandwiches we went up to order dessert - chocolate soft serve for me, vanilla-chocolate twist soft serve for LH. The ice cream is really good and this place enjoys quite the reputation for its tasty treats.
What a grace to be able to share dinner together! How good it was not to eat alone and to see LH. I know he felt the same. Although, I suspect that he didn't really want to eat a microwave dinner!!!!!!!
Too soon, I had to leave to lead the worship service at the Retirement Home and LH went home to feed The Boys.
A nice little interlude in an otherwise long and busy day and something to savor in my day.

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