Monday, August 21, 2006


Nice way to start the week (actually my week really started yesterday, Sunday) with getting a temporary crown. I arived at the church office hoping I wasn't drooling all over. Now that the novacaine is wearing off, I feel some pain. Maybe, today is not a day to do a lot of talking!!!!
Aside from visiting the sick and homebound, working on our Blessing of the Animals service for this coming Saturday (before The Fair) and each Sunday service and sermon, I am also planning a Birthday Dinner Celebration for LH who turns 50 in Sept. I was to put a ditty together and it has fallen woefully short of even low expectations. Back to the drawing board. Still have to put the scrapbook together with reflections from his siblings and order the cake.
Fortunately, we bought 1/2 case of champagne when we traveled to Princeton in February for a Con Ed class. It is very good champagne and doesn't give me a headache like some, it is real champagne and tastes wonderful and bubbly. So a bottle can go in the fridge over Labor Day Weekend when my sister and bro-in-law fly in Saturday. So far it is all secret and the surprise intact until 1 week from Sat. I keep hoping I won't let something slip out like, "Let's make that when S and H are here!"
He hates surprises. He has guessed many of his Christmas and birthday presents with an uncanny ability to suggest getting some item which I already purchased as his gift. He has already guessed one (a DVD). How utterly like him to say, "I see this movie is finally out on DVD, maybe we should get a copy." Then I have to say, "Yes, I know, but don't go ordering it off of Amazon." And then he knows. One year, we both gave each other the same DVD. Two like minds!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday afternoon I spent on Presbytery work with a congregation. Not a good situation, but the process was hopeful and empowering, and it was rather well-received. I feel for the congregation and even the pastor (who needs much professional help). Thank goodness we have such a gifted and competent EP.
Well, back to planning liturgy and working on my animal sermon.
I may be a bit sketchy in my blogging with all before me.
Just hope the pain won't get too excruiating as the day wears on.

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