Monday, July 03, 2006


1. I always celebrate the 4th of July with a prayer of thanksgiving.
LH usually is in a parade in the colorguard of the SAR.

2. I felt independent for the first time when I was able to drive
to and from work and school.

3. On the grill - good old-fashioned American hamburgers

4. Strawberry shortcake - biscuit or sponge? Neither, I not a fan
of strawberries. Make it watermelon or Key Lime Pie for me.

5. Fireworks: Best Experience - 1976 on the roof of the
Carriage House in Chicago (nearly across from John
Hancock) watching the fireworks above and seeing
the colorful reflections on the dark Lake Michigan,
all together with family.
Worst experience - Geneva, Switzerland, course it was
the first of August (Swiss Independence Day) and not
the fourth of July. People were letting off firecrackers
in the midst of pedestrians walking. What a nightmare!
You hoped you wouldn't get hurt walking around never
knowing when a firecracker would go off in your way.
1. Favorite Patriot - John Adams (I portrayed him in High School)
2. Favorite Tory - Samuel Chase from Maryland, I think.
3. Favorite Wife - hands down, Abigail Adams, intelligent, witty
and very able.
4. Favorite Song - "But Mr. Adams"
5. Favorite Line - I'm sure something Ben Franklin said!

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