Friday, July 14, 2006

FRIDAY FIVE - Pet Peeves

1. Grammatical Pet Peeve - the use of the term, "ironic". It should
not be used in place of a coincidence.
2. Household Pet Peeve - spots on the stainless steel sink left mostly by
LH (since we have no kids!). An obession with
me, where little else in the house or my life is such an obession, to keep
wiping around the sink and the faucet until
the spots are gone.
3. Arts & Entertainment - Reality shows - are there no writers anymore?
Poker on TV - how boring and who cares
any way.
4. Liturgical - Hymns that drag and are played all too slowly: Come Sing O Church in Joy, Rejoice Ye Pure in Heart, etc. (Groan) There's nothing more irritating than singing faster than the organist playing and dragging the whole spirit of the hymn down, down, down.
5. Wild Card - drivers who have forgotten that turn signals are
standard equipment on their vehicles and meant to be
6. Bonus - What I do that peeves others - (especially LH) using the
pronoun "they" without a
reference. I do so this far too
often. Although, sometimes
I think LH just doesn't listen to
my preceeding conversation
and therefore, is clueless when
I make a "they" statement.


reverendmother said...

SO with you on the sink-spots. I even used that one in my answers!

As for "they"--I do it too. In fact whenever R and I listened to our 5-disc CD player on shuffle I would find myself saying things like, "They're playing a lot of Aretha Franklin today."

will smama said...

I am guilty of the ironic/coincidence blunder.

Songbird said...

I couldn't agree more about reality shows. They do not interest me in the least.

Robert said...

My eye caught your "pet peeve" about hymn singing that is too slow. I've been in churches where the opposite is the problem too. Hymns are sung at such breakneck speed there is little time to reflect on what we are singing (or for us older folks to catch a breath!).

Actually, most hymns were written to be sung Andante, meaning: at a walking pace. Sometime when you're out for a walk, try singing in time with your steps. Sober hymns of reflection can be sung a bit slower; hymns of joy and celebration (such as Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart, which you mention) a bit faster. But this makes a good range to keep to.

If you want to learn more about hymns and hymn singing, check out my blog, Wordwise Hymns.