Thursday, July 20, 2006

Very Early July 30th Saturday Preacher's Contribution

Since I'll be on vacation and actually preaching on the Loaves and Fishes text this week, I thought I'd offer this bit of levity. A little humor shares the joy of our faith often helps those in the pew to listen. Here's a groaner:

When the preacher approached a boy who was fishing in the park pond, he said, "Young man, do you know the parables?"
"Yes, sir," the lad quickly replied.
"Which do you like best?"
The boy looked up and grinning replied, "The one where everybody loafs and fishes."

Somehow, it seemed kinda fun for summertime, when we perhaps loaf around more in the heat and I know the folks here are out and about fishing every chance they get. I'm hoping our choir director and choir member are bringing in a good catch. The choir fish fry in January is always a delicious event!!
May you find time to loaf with God in these summer days. And may we not neglect to fish for people in all that we are and do.

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