Saturday, June 24, 2006

Friday Five - Ice Cream

1. Warm weather or year round food?
Year round although I indulge more in the summer.

2. Favorite flavor?
Chocolate Moose Tracks

3. Cake, sugar or waffle cone?
Cake's too plain, kinda like cardboard, waffles are way huge, so for me
it's the sugar cone. Although, I most often eat ice cream just in a dish.

4. Childhood ice cream memory?
Mmmm...hearing the ice cream truck chimes and asking for 50 cents or so, for a soft serve
chocolate or one of the Good Humor bars. Ever so refreshing and tasty on a hot summer
day playing and riding bikes.

5. Banana Splits?
Never did understand why you'd ruin a banana or your ice cream. I never liked
strawberry ice cream (or even strawberries) or whipped cream. Never had one and
don't ever plan to have one. Some things in life you can live without. I choose
without banana splits.

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