Monday, July 03, 2006


Ever have one of those weeks where you're busier than you want or desire to be? Yup, just lived through one and the whole month of July isn't looking less busy either. One often thinks that things slow down in the church during the summer, but it isn't necessarily so.
Last week I survived 3 twelve-hour days with 5 nights of VBS. I was exhausted, although I do enjoy being with the children. I shepherded the pre-schoolers and kindergartners around, mostly helped them with their crafts and bible story pictures/activities and helped them with their singing. Thank goodness they don't care that much if you don't sing well.
We had such a great group of children, full of enthusiasm, energy and fun.
We had an archeology professor from a nearby college, give a presentation on archeology on the final VBS night. The kids were full of questions and the interaction was great. He even brought in some plaster cast skulls, and a few artifacts to amaze the young ones.
The teachers, helpers, and snack ladies surrounded those kids with such love and attention. They were wrapped in grace, and enjoined in the Body of Christ the entire week. What a picture of community we enfleshed that week, all working together in the love of Christ to share the goodness of God with these young ones, both from our churches and from the community. What a grace it would be if we would enflesh such community every week and always!


Pink Shoes said...

How cool to have an archaeologist come... The kids'll remember that for a long time! Hope you can rest some this week...

St. Inuksuk said...

I'm thinking next year to have a Day After VBS Spa Day for all the leaders and helpers!!!
Just need to find a massage therapist who would give us a cut rate!