Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Luddite Among Us

Here's a real live neophyte trying to navigate this whole blog thing. When I went to school although there were computers in data processing, I never had exposure to one. The seminary library stilled used card catalogues!!!!!! Imagine that! With my trusty electric typewriter and lots of correction paper which led to white-out liquid paper all my papers and sermons were written. Then came the word processor which handled correction much more fluidly and cleanly.
Then finally, the computer entered my world; bane and blessing. One short course on how to use the computer and the rest has been learn as you go. When I finally was somewhat conversant with Word and happily typing my sermons with spell check (for what its worth), a delete button, save function and the cut and paste feature, I was in nearly 7th Heaven. Then LH comes along and asks me to teach him how to use Word. It was like the blind leading the blind. Somehow, we've managed to get our sermons written, printed off and our newsletter articles submitted in these ensuing years.
Now, I am venturing out into the waters of the bloggosphere with nary an idea of how to even insert an HTML code. ( What is an HTML anyway?) I've functioned years without having to know.
Am I doomed to flail about in the seas of blogging and technology?
At least, one thing I do know, I don't ever want to go back to writing my sermons out in long-hand.
We shall see where the Spirit leads, how God guides, what kingdom seeds will grow, and if I ever manage to master the basic functioning of this blog thing

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RuthRE said...

You are doing just fine :)
You shouldn't have to worry about the HTML thing much.