Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well, it's off to the ballgame for me. It's a gorgeous day and in anticipation of the long hours next week, I'll leave early.
Now comes the task of being pastor's wife as the church LH serves has their ballpark night. Hopefully, the team will play well. And hopefully, I won't embarrass LH in front of his parishioners. I will be on my very best behavior. Even for a fun event, there is always the underlying pressure of being "on" as either pastor or pastor's wife. Double-whammy!!!!
If I could, I'd almost just as soon stay home with Benny and the Jett, (our delightful greys) who really don't care what I'm wearing, if I am perfectly polite, never saying the slightest out-of-place thing. They could care less how my hair looks, or if I have a piece of theological wisdom to share.
Fortunately, I don't have to "be" pastor's wife, too often, so I go in the grace of God into this lovely afternoon, trusting God not to make a fool of myself this evening. Something, I do all too well.
There are times when being pastor's wife is more difficult than being pastor. Perhaps, because I'm not always aware of what I may be walking into since I'm not as much a part of the life at LH's church. Will keep that in mind when LH is pastor's husband at our church functions.
We try to take part when we can in each other's fellowship activities. Sometimes, that makes for a very full schedule. But for now, I will savor the sunset over the ballpark.


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Found your blog due to a comment you posted somewhere else probably regarding Biblical equality.

I'd just like to urge you to be yourself, not "pastor's wife." I'd guess people aren't as stereotypical these days, unless your church had all stereotypical pw's in the past. But think how nice it will be for future pw's in the future because you are breaking the mold.

revabi said...

Hi, welcome to the revgalblogpals. Hope you got the link worked out to them. And I agree with p.softly just be yourself.

LutheranChik said...

I recall the consternation with which my childhood congregation dealt with the fact that the new pastor's wife had a job outside the home. Shocking; simply shocking. (ROFL) And that was in the 70's.

How great is it to be living at a time when pastors can also be pastors' wives or husbands!

St. Inuksuk said...

Thanks you all.
I am pretty much myself, but try not to get involved in the church LH is serving, besides, I'm far too busy serving the church where I am.
It's the schedule's that be a real bear.
enjoy your 4th