Thursday, December 18, 2014


I'm just about potlucked out!!!!!
 The whole month has been one potluck after another. Let's see - there was a UMW pot luck lunch to which staff was invited the first Thurs. of December and a circle meeting the second Thurs of December - to which I brought a cheeseball and crackers since it was 9:30 am in the morning and to provide something that wasn't sweet.
  There have been the weekly Wed. Advent potlucks and program at the L church - I made a green bean, ham and spaetzli casserole, Cheddar Broc Soup w/whole grain bread, and a brown & wild rice salad with broc, carrots, feta cheese, almonds with lite champagne dressing.
   There was the second Tues of the month staff potluck lunch at the M church - again I made broc cheddar soup and whole grain bread from Panera's. And it was a ginormous loaf of bread that they were able to freeze and pull out again that Thursday morning for their Advent Soup Supper and worship - they just have one during Advent.
   This Saturday will be the M church staff pot luck Christmas party! This time I will bring a Spinach Au Gratin and tonight I am making truffles to take with as well - Oreo truffles. They are easy but messy.
   I think at this point there has been too many potlucks and preparations to make something the night before to bring in beside all the other stuff I have to do at home. There are still some presents to wrap and many that need ribbons and bows. I still have to write the staff's Christmas cards and put their gift bags together - an handcrafted wood ornament, Lindor truffles and Panera gift cards.
For the senior pastor at M church there is a handcrafted wood ornament and a desk calendar with pictures of space from the Hubble telescope and inspirational quotes. I have one for myself every year.
  Tomorrow is housecleaning. I still have the sermon for the Sunday after Christmas to work on & getting all the little tea candles together for Christmas Eve and my Christmas stole to pull out. Then there is still some grocery shopping for Christmas Day to do. Sigh.
   It has been near non-stop since Thanksgiving. I am so ready. For a vacation.
   I am taking New Year's Eve Day as a vacation day!!!! And will have 3 days off over Christmas.
I will savor them. Immensely.
    Until then, I have miles to go before I sleep...

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