Wednesday, September 24, 2014


On Saturday morning, well by then, it was nearly lunchtime, I brought home the newest member of our family - Charis - my new van. After 8 years and 141,000 miles, I traded in Mystic, for a downgraded but new van.
  It was hard to let go of Mystic. We drove a lot of miles together through glaring sun, downpours of rain, and snow and ice. She was responsive and dependable. A sturdy, hard working old gal. And I felt bad letting her go. I miss her.
  But there were all the miles, new tires needed and one by one things that would begin to go and cost too much.
  These past few days, I have been trying to bond to this new van. It is not easy. I am nervous every time I drive her. She isn't as responsive. There are fewer creature comforts with her, but a bit more room for the greys. The middle seats are Stow n Go, which makes it easy not to have to drag seats or bench down into the basement for the life of the vehicle and then haul it back upstairs when it comes time to trade her in.
   I am not use to her nor she with me. I hope we can settle in together. I begrudge her downgraded status. Maybe she begrudges me. But she sat on that lot for a time plastered in stickers because she didn't have all the bells and whistles everyone was looking for. She had the basics I was looking for.
   We're already putting on miles together. But it is an uneasy relationship. Some things have changed in 8 years and that too, takes some getting used to. I wonder how many miles and how long it will take before we settle in together and respond together as one. We're stuck with each other for next several years and the sooner we get use to each other the better.
  Oh, but in my heart, I really, really miss Mystic. This new one, she drives like a truck and not as smooth in transitions.
   How does one get so connected with a vehicle when it is just a "thing"? Mystic was comfortable, like a well-worn shoe or slipper; comfortable, conformed fit, moving as one without even having to
think about it.
   Now I am constantly thinking about it, complaining over the thickness of the steering wheel, and having to press on the accelerator more from a full stop. Things I don't know I can get use to.
   I suppose as with any relationship, it takes time to get know one another better, to squabble a little, to appreciate each other. It's only been 4 days. I need to give it time.
   I hope that she will serve me as well and faithfully as Mystic. I'll take care of her as I did Mystic.
Although, I named her Charis, grace, I'm thinking it should be, peace. That we need to make peace with each other. We'll see.
   In the meanwhile, I will work on my patience and not dwell on what I miss, but on what I have.

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