Sunday, September 14, 2014


at least for the most part. Working these two positions has left me in a perpetual state of lack of time and being tired.
  Perhaps, I feel it more this week with a full week - including church council, spending my Friday off going to the Vet with the one greyhound for shots, stopping to pick up a bag spinach at the store, getting the greyhound out of the van and in the house, cleaning house, making my spinach salad for
lunch, cleaning house, changing from cleaning clothes to better casual clothes, calling my cousin who was indisposed and using that 1/2 hour to run to get my hair cut. When I got home 30 mins. later, I called my cousin and had a good talk. But my Swiss is getting worse. Have to stop and think of the word or it doesn't come and I use the English one!!! Did some laundry and started dinner. Cleaned up from dinner and packed the box for my sister's birthday so I could take it to the post office the next morning.
  On Saturday, I got up early, fed and let the dogs out (aye, 'twas me who let the dogs out!!!),
had breakfast and went to the post office. On the way there, the engine light came on because the gascap light was on the day before. So, at the post office, I opened the gas lid, unscrewed the cap and screwed it back on, as I drove toward either the car repair place or home, I kept checking to see if the
light would come back on. Nope. It did the trick. So, I drove, to the shopping area and found a couple pieces and a b-day card for LH. I got home in time to make my lunch only the phone rang and it was the council president in tears, her grandma had taken a turn for the worse (who I saw on Wed. and had communion in the hospital with her) and of course, I changed my clothes, ate a few raspberries, packed a water bottle, stopped at a fast food place for an unhealthy lunch, and drove 75 mph all the way (one hour plus) to the hospital. The whole family (minus the matriarch's one daughter who lives out of state) were there. She had the pallor of death and totally changed from Wed. Had prayer with the family, went back in and read scripture and had prayer with matriarch. Rest of family eventually headed downstairs while daughter and I stayed with matriarch. It had been about an hour and I was
thinking I could leave, when there was that gurgle, and I stayed and she peacefully passed away.
The family was texted and up they came and we had prayer all together.
   I managed to leave at 3:45 pm and get home by 5 pm even stopping to get yet another $20.00 of gas, twice in one day!!!
   It was a grace and blessing that I made it there in time and stayed as long as I did. I am thankful to God.
  But after making dinner and doing dishes, I had to still prepare for today, go over things, and my Sunday School lesson (again). I had to make a salad for today, pack up folders for the confirmation students, and my change of clothes and shoes for confirmation.
   And here it is Sunday, I have preached, taught, worked on the wedding service(in Oct.) and ate my healthy salad for lunch. I should work on the wedding sermon. I will get a short nap in before heading out to confirmation at 4:45 pm and when I get home tonight - make another salad for tomorrow, clean out the coffee pot and maybe talk to my sister and put my feet up.
   Tomorrow I meet with the family to plan the funeral service.
   On Tues, I'm at M church all day. On Wednesday I am here because I do have work up a sermon for the service. On Thurs. is the service (so no M church) and Friday, if I am so blessed, I will have the day off (which will be spent looking for a new van.).
   I suppose its no wonder I am tired and have no time.
  But I am alive and still kickin' - thanks be to God!

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