Wednesday, July 02, 2014


  It was just one of those goofy kind of days. A little of this and a little of that all mixed up. I got up fed and let the dogs out, made my breakfast, read the paper, got on the computer to do a couple of things and to finesse the sermon for the memorial service on Wednesday. Made a phone call and left a message.
  Filled out the bank deposit slips. Drove to the Post Office to drop off a box for my nephew's birthday and a couple little outfits for the new baby girl. Went to the bank. Went to the store to pick up plastic wrap that I noticed that morning was down nearly to the paper roll. Stopped to fill up the gas tank and made it home in time to yup, feed the greys lunch and let them out and make my salad for lunch.
  After which, I looked through the mail that I had picked up as I arrived home. I got back onto the computer for no more than 15 minutes, when the phone rang. My eye glasses were already in after less than a week!!! I didn't expect them til after the 4th of July. So, since I didn't have any major plans, except laundering underwear, I drove 20 minutes to the shopping area and got fitted in my new eyeglasses - both pairs!!! I like them both so much, I don't know which to wear. One is heavier and the other very light weight. I am wearing the lighter ones today. It's been two years since my last exam and I noticed that I was using the mid-range for long distance, the close-up for mid-range and reading. Obviously a sign to me that I needed to get this done.
   Since I was in civilization, I stopped at a store and found a shirt. When I came out of the store it was raining and I drove home where nary a drop had fallen.
   I let the greys out, cleaned my glasses and checked them out.
   LH arrived home and I had a bit more of computer time. Then it was feeding the greys their dinner - lamb & rice with extra rice leftover from Chinese food dinner the night before. I made salads to go along with our chicken and heated up left over stuffing from Thanksgiving Day that had been frozen. The very last of that.
   After dinner, was doing dishes - all that doesn't  go into the dishwasher, so there wasn't much.
Gave the greys their Milkbones for dessert and when I let them out, I picked some cilantro to make pico de gallo which adds a little something extra to my lunch time salads. Made the pico.
   Took the dill down that I had hung up to dry and began stripping the dill - and there was a lot - into an antique Ball jar for which I had to buy new silicone rings and filled nearly the whole jar. There is more dill in the garden. Last year was my Sage year with an overabundance. This year, it seems to a Dill year.
   I also made my salad and wrap for lunch today.
   I played some fruit ninja on my phone.
   I  took the 2 bags of last fall and this springs yard waste and one garbage drum out to the end of the driveway for pick up - it all had to weigh less than 30 pounds.
   I watched some Big Bang and the news. By the time the weather forecast rolled around I was ready for bed.
   I never did get around to laundering my undies. I will do that Thursday.
  But it was a disjointed day full of this, that and the other. I will miss that when I begin another part time position as pastor of visitation in 2 weeks. Things will be drastically different and so I am thankful and glad to have had this "goofy day" and the freedom to go and get my new glasses. I doubt that I will have any more such goofy days. They will be structured and busy. But, it will help in paying for my new glasses.

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