Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Ever just do something stupid?
I spent yesterday getting my glasses adjusted, stopped at two stores and a grocery store. Got home, fed and let the dogs out, made myself lunch and then rushed out to the other two grocery stores.
God home, put items away and checked the answering machine where there was a message from the council president. Opps! I should've checked the machine at lunch, but was distracted by the dogs and getting stuff for dinner.
  I looked up the number in my paper-clipped together directory. I saw the council sheet with President and dialed the number. Got the answering machine and left a message about possibly meeting before music and worship committee this evening. I said I was home the rest of the afternoon and evening. I never received a call.
  Still hadn't heard anything this morning before I left for church.
  I arrived at church and decided to call her. I looked up the number and realized I called the past council president and not the current one. I left a message with our current council president. She called back 10 minutes later and I apologized profusely and explained the error on my part, and having left a message with the wrong person.  \
   What a stupid mistake! Next time, I am going to pull the paper clip off and read the names and not just title on sheet and remember that the pink sheet is current council contact sheet and not the white one.
  Now we'll have to have a meeting next week.
  Sometimes we just do stupid things and pray that God and others are forgiving.

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