Thursday, June 19, 2014


 All spring long, I waited for signs of life from my butterfly bush. The woody canes were as dead as dead can be. Usually, a sprout or two emerge from the cut-down canes, but not this year. The winter here was brutal and as cold as up in Canada, almost. I mourned for my dead butterfly bush that bloomed so vigorously, lovely lavender blooms that attracted butterflies of various kinds, the hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, and bees.
  I bought that bush up in Wisconsin when the one I bought here didn't make through the first winter. It was on sale and it made the drive home where I promptly planted it in my front flower bed. I have it about 4 years and it has thrived and gotten bigger each year.
  But this spring, there were no signs of life and I mourned.
  About three-four weeks ago, I went to the local garden center to look for a new one. All they had were these humungous bushes at $25.00 a pop and so big that I couldn't dig a hole big enough for it.
We have nothing but rocks under a few inches of topsoil. I even have to be careful where I put my tomato stakes because they invariably hit a rock and aren't in deep enough. I have had to plant perennials in certain spots because I couldn't dig a hole large or deep enough to plant it where I wanted it.
   This huge bush simply wasn't going to work and I was not going to spend that much. So, I headed over to another garden center and lo and behold, they had smaller ones, which were still pricier than I wanted, but would be workable.
   When I got home, I donned my gardening gloves, got my spade and was ready to dig up that dead, lifeless bush. Only when I was ready to dig did I notice some sprouts on the backside of the bush coming up from ground. A mere 4 inches high and I was ecstatic. The butterfly bush that looked so dead and seemed so dead was alive! And it was sprouting! Oh, ye of little faith! A resurrection of sorts - that which looks and seems so dead was actually and truly alive with new life! I was but one of the disciples mourning the loss of one so dear only to discover that it lives, again.
   With the rain, the warming sun and a few more weeks there are about 7 sprouts that are growing at fast clip, inches every day. I rejoice, give thanks and wonder again and anew at the resurrections that happen all about me and remind me of the greatest resurrection of all - Jesus Christ.
   Butterflies, hummingbirds and various insects that come every year will find nourishment and the lovely lavender blooms will once again delight the eye and the soul.
   I was fooled. And God laughed and smiled and brought forth a most glorious and wonderful surprise - new life. I was fooled but in the best way possible!! There is life, life anew that springs forth even when we cannot perceive it. Glory be to God!
   I planted the new butterfly bush at the side of the garage and hope it will grow. Had I known that the old butterfly bush really lived, I'd have bought a peony bush for the side of the garage. Well, perhaps another spring.
   In the meanwhile, I chuckle at how I was fooled! And look forward to the flowering of the butterfly bush.

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