Sunday, March 23, 2014


I am still fasting from being on-line. On Thursday, the phone person will return and look at the phone jack. One would think when he was out 2 weeks ago, he'd have had the presence of mind that when he got a signal outside but not inside, one would check the wires?
It will be going on three weeks this week and this is the third weekend.
  Ok, I'll be honest and admit I do miss checking Facebook, and playing my solitaire game, but I wasn't wasting that much time on it - or at least I think I wasn't.
  The most frustrating thing about this imposed Lenten fast, is feeling hamstrung in taking care of some work at home and not being to send and receive emails - especially when serving a church part time. That is simply the absolute worst. No email. During Lent. With extra services. And needing to get a hold of people. Or submit worship service information. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  Enough. Enough already. I repent. I confess my wasting time on Facebook and Solitaire. Restore the signal within and without our house! Create a new and clean fresh start. Cast us no more away from the signal we need to be connected and on-line. Have mercy on us!!!
  Will know more on Thursday, which is the soonest the phone repair person will be out. And of course, it will cost us. Sigh. Simply frustrating.
   Will be in touch when I can and when I'm done fuming.

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