Friday, March 28, 2014


Well, we're kinda back on line. The phone guy punched in some numbers in some places and got us on the internet and my laptop. But, it's still not quite right, because the smartphone doesn't pick it up nor my Kindle, even after entering the password for the wi-fi/modem. I am completely flummoxed and totally aggravated! Enough already! I was told by tech support to call the phone manufacturer and after being on the phone with them for awhile and trying a couple things, I was to be transferred to advanced tech support only to get cut off. By then it was late afternoon and I had had enough. I never called them back.
  When I wanted to download a book on my Kindle, lo and behold, after entering the password, it didn't work either.
   I was fuming.
  We are going to change our provider. I am NOT going through this again.
   And I'm too untechie to know what to do.
  So, I guess this being back on line will come in drips and dribbles. By Easter, it should flow to overflowing!!!! At least, I hope.

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