Wednesday, March 12, 2014


After a whole long week, the mystery has been solved. Our modem isn't working properly. Thankfully a new one is on its way and with good grace it 'll be here by Friday. If not, it will be 5 days. That would mean nearly two weeks off-line. What a ---. I can't say the colorful words I would like to.
  I just hope the new modem comes soon and is in good working order.
In the midst of  yet another snowstorm with a midweek Lenten service this evening. I figure I might not get home til 11 pm. Well, as long as I get home safe and sound that's really all that matters.
If I get to the church where the service is and they have cancelled, I'll be madder than a hornet!!!
Being Lutheran, I'm sure they will stoically have the service regardless of the weather!!!

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