Monday, March 17, 2014


This is not the fast I choose! This fast from being on-line. The new modem arrived and appears to work all right. We just don't get a signal from the internet provider. Even the guy from the telephone company on his own laptop couldn't receive but a very faint signal or none at all. Everything else is in good working order - computer, telephone line, etc.
  I hope to hear something on Tuesday.
  In the meanwhile, it is severely hampering responding to email and sending email. My newsletter article was a day late in being submitted. I took the laptop to the church on Sunday and sent it in and checked my email.
  I am starting to get cranky about all this! I can be patient but it is wearing extremely thin these days.
Perhaps, I have to pray about getting back on -line. I'm sure God has bigger and more important things to deal with, but it certainly couldn't hurt and maybe, I'll be given more patience.

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Eclecticity said...

Interesting online name you've adopted. Lenten fasting from being online seems to be rather fashionable these days.