Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Ahh, a new year, all fresh, clean, unsullied. Makes you just want to dive right in!!!
Of course, as I wrote the end of the year - my January is really full. Chock full of things to be done and prepared and tended to.
  I found it interesting that my star gift word this year is - TIME. Simple. Yet, not so simple.
  It is about spending time with God, more time. It is about the stewardship of time. Using time wisely. I am pretty good about time management. I have been less attentive in my prayer and Sabbath time. Obviously, I am hearing a call to that in this word.
  Interesting that this is my word for the year as I am working on a retreat on Keeping Sabbath for the church women at the end of the month. Keeping Sabbath is also related to time. Check out Bonnie Thurston's - To Everything a Season.
   Interesting that I spent last week/weekend reading a 600+ page novel which I haven't done in a while. A novel that has nothing to do with church or spiritually related things. And I sunk myself into it, and enjoyed it immensely and I had to just keep reading and finish it. Therefore, some things didn't get done that weekend. But they have since gotten done.
  Interesting that yesterday was so icy I didn't make it in to church but worked instead from home. No, visits couldn't be made, but I did plan out Epiphany season! And started on the Sabbath Sachets. It was time well-used and well-spent.
   So, this year, I will be spending it with Time. Making time, spending time, using time, honoring time, giving time, receiving time, cherishing time and being open to time. Perhaps, being patient with time? I am not the most patient person at times. There will be all manner of lessons with time that await me this year.
  Thankfully,  part of my check list of things to be done, has been completed. Other items are still in process - the Sabbath sachets still need to be filled and the ends hand-stitched shut.
   It will all get done - in its time. Mostly, I believe that I simply am called to honor time in this new year.

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