Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The retreat is basically done. I worked all day yesterday on the presentation aspect of it. The handouts are completed, and the worship liturgies just need some clip art.
  I will pull out my Judy Wink oil lamp which I haven't used in a few years. The wick has dropped down and I will have to hook it up. I have some extra oil. So it is all coming together.
  It's like a weight has been lifted off of me and I can work on a couple of baby projects.
  My nephew's wife is pregnant and due in June, meaning I will be a great aunt. That sounds really old!!! Even older than grand parent! There will be a baby shower after Easter and so I do need to tackle these projects. Finally, something non-work related to have fun with!!!
  It was just 2 degrees this morning when I left and 4 degrees when I arrived at church. I think we were down to -6 degrees last night. It is bitterly, frigidly cold. On the plus side, we don't have much snow at all, about 3/4 inch. Maybe Lake Erie will really freeze over and we won't be getting any lake effect snow.
   My van moaned and groaned a bit yesterday evening on our way out to dinner. I know, we picked a cold night to have dinner out! But after it warmed up, Mystic, was fine again. She didn't groan this morning at all. I can't say as I blame her, at her age with her mileage. I groan a bit too, leaving my warm bed these recent mornings.
  I have pulled out my turtlenecks and warm sweaters and cardigans. Sure am getting use out of my two new pairs of wool blend pants and my corduroys!!!
  I even have a faux fur hat that I probably will wear to walk from the hospital garage, across the street and up the slope to the hospital today. I don't think the patient/parishioner will care about my hat hair. It looks better than a knit hat, especially for graveside services when it is really cold.
   I suppose it will now be time to focus on Lent as it appears that I will still be here. From season to season life flows, but for now a bit of breathing space.

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