Monday, January 13, 2014


 Yay! The Sabbath Sachets are done! Some of the handouts for the retreat are done. The retreat itself is still in bits and pieces. I have this weekend and next Tuesday to get it all done.
  It's funny about time, as I continue to ponder it, that today, when I had planned to make two visits - one I had scheduled, the other I was just going to go to the nursing home - I still made two visits, but not the same nursing home. Ahh, God had other plans for me to visit today!
  The scheduled home visit went longer than planned and I didn't have the time to give to the first nursing home. So, on my way to the first nursing home, I honored time and went to the other nursing home here in town. I had promised the parishioner last week that I would stop in sometime and bring the star gift words so she could choose one. And so, that is where I ended up. And she was feeling a bit discouraged with her progress and on Friday will have s "simple" procedure done, which I had forgotten about. Thankfully, God has a way working things out and I had prayer with her about the procedure on Friday and we had a good talk.
  I will get to the other nursing home on Wednesday! That is, if God isn't against it!!!!

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