Monday, December 30, 2013


Here it is, Dec. 30th and I am beset with a whole list of things to be done and attended to.
  I am working on my annual report.
 I need to make some extra star gift words to give out this Sunday as we celebrate Epiphany - a word to guide each person for the year, or to challenge them. They will choose a paper star with a word on it, but without seeing the word and trusting the Holy Spirit has helped them to choose it and will help them to live into it in the new year.
   Then, I have to plan out services for Epiphany season and get it to the part-time secretary.
  Work on the sermon for Sunday.
  Work on the Sabbath Sachets.
   Work on putting the retreat together for the end of January.
   Package and wrap the baby shower gifts for our choir director for Sunday, Jan. 12 when the church
will hold a brunch and shower following worship.
   Go over my Sunday School lesson on Daniel for Sunday, in case, there are enough folks here for
Sunday School.
   Think about a newsletter article for February due January 15th.
Work on the Annual Statistical Report for the denomination.
Think about what I might do for the mid-week Lenten services, if I am still here.
January hasn't even begun and for me it is already full and nearly gone! How can this be?!!?
I hope that I may take a breath, pause and honor the new year about to begin.

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