Thursday, October 03, 2013


Thinking about the Gospel lesson from Luke for this Sunday, having mustard seed-sized faith, I am drawn to the mustard seed faith around me. With mustard seed faith, the church I'm serving began a Sunday school for children (there are about 3 with potential for a couple more), and actually had 4 respond to taking turns teaching. And it's happening.
My niece, working on her doctoral project as a medical student in Ethiopia, sent an email, this past week, regarding an 8 year old girl, she walked for 4 hours to see and do an assessment. This little girl is unable walk. After another 4 hour trek back, presenting all her findings to the surgeon, he strongly believes that with surgery this little girl can walk. So, my niece, who is well aware of "unsustainable charity projects" has been moved to a mustard seed faith - by sending an appeal out via social media - for donations to help this little one get her needed surgery to be able to walk. Included in the cost was $50.00 to rent a mule (roundtrip) to bring the girl to Gimbi for surgery and home again. About half of the $650.00 needed has already been raised.
With mustard seed faith, this little girl's family, her mother wearing jelly shoes over rough terrain, along with the girl's entire family carried her in a chair to Gimbi - so part of the mule cost is no longer needed - where this little girl, whose whole life was spent sitting on her porch, is awaiting surgery. With hope and faith, this girl's family bore her all the way to town, taking turns carrying the chair.
With mustard seed faith, I have sent in my donation, and many prayers that all the money will be raised, that the surgery will be successful, and this little girl will have a new life.
I believe that mustard seed faith can transform lives one at a time, in small ways. That my niece has taken this on, being baptized, raised and confirmed Presbyterian, who has had little patience for church, but does have some spirituality, points to a mustard sized seed of faith in her after all. I can't wait to hear about the surgery and the unfolding of new life for this little girl.
Thanks be to God for just mustard seed-sized faith for it is enough and then some.

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