Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I just finished reading, "I am Malala", on my kindle. I spent the weekend and a couple days to read it.
I found the writing similar to Three Cups of Tea, which was not the best written book. However, there were some lyrical descriptions and parts. It was a fascinating read of all Malala grew up with and in the Swat Valley. I admire her courage and she is an amazing and remarkable young woman who has not given up on encouraging, demanding education for all children, especially girls. Pakistan has had much political and socio-economic upheaval. I admire the love of her father and mother. It is a miracle that she is still alive and survived being shot. Thanks be to God. I pray that she will live into her calling and be a force for good in her country, in the world. I know she is exiled at the moment with a bounty on her head. She has kept faith and trust and has a world of support for her.
I am so glad to have read her book and to have been drawn into the struggle against the Taliban and the forces that continue to oppress people. I too, pray that peace will come again to Pakistan, the Swat Valley and in all corners of the world.
Although she did not win the Nobel Peace Prize, she has won the hearts of the world.

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