Friday, August 30, 2013


And for today, here's a Friday Five looking at the other end of things: Firsts. With so many folks starting school, college, seminary, etc. I've been thinking of a lot of other firsts in my life. Share with us, if you will:

Your first "place" - whether it was an apartment, dorm room, or home with a new spouse, the first place where you really felt like a grown-up:
My first apartment in OH. I was responsible for paying rent, utilities, keeping it clean, etc. I had a balcony facing west and even
had a smokey joe Weber grill and grilled in the summer. Although, I lived in an apartment in Seminary, shared with two roommates,
and lived in a dorm room the last two years of college, also with a roommate, being on my own was definitely the time I felt all
grown up.

Your first time away from home. Construe this any way you want. College? Girl Scout Camp? Study Abroad?
Let' see: there were Girl Scout overnighters and sleep over with school mates. No big deal. College was easily the first time
away from home and being really homesick. Here was a suburban Chicago gal transported to rural central IL. Wow, what an eye-
opener!! And I thought they were a bit behind! Nothing compared to OH where they are two-three years behind the rest of the
nation. I've adapted over the years and it doesn't bother me as much anymore.
Then there was the summer I lived with my Grandma in Switzerland while doing a assistant pastor internship while in Seminary.
Since I was with Grandma and all my relatives and I'd been there so often before, it felt more like a second home. I really
wasn't homesick and the summer flew by.
There was the college trip to the Philippines, Greece and Switzerland, where I basically flew nearly around the world all on
my own. I survived, got around okay and had a culturally enlightening trip.

Your first job in your field of endeavor (so, not babysitting, unless you are A Professional Babysitter today):
My first position was that of a prison chaplain in an all male prison where I had my first apartment. It was a great
experience. I learned to deal with many personalities and personality disorders. I was part of a solid chaplaincy staff. I
really enjoyed and grew in my ministry.

Your first time hosting. Again, construed broadly, this could be a dinner for the in-laws, your first time to have guests for a holiday meal, etc.
When I was in High School did host a party for the kids at work, while my parents were away. I'd have gotten away with it,
except one dorky kid broke a chair. Couldn't hide that. I made Italian beef sandwiches and everyone brought munchies.
The first family hosting was a Thanksgiving dinner two years after LH and I were married. We hosted his family and I really
cooked and was a nervous wreck. Over the years, I've gotten more laid back and don't stress as much - this is 23 years later.
I still cook Thanksgiving dinner, making stock from scratch, the stuffing is homemade, as are the mashed potatoes and dessert.
I really like the way the house smells with the turkey roasting and the warmth from all the cooking and setting the dining
room table with china and crystal. Just miss my father-in-law being there.

Your first love.That can be a person or something else!!
My first love was reading! I loved to read and still do. My Mom would make me stop reading to go out and play and to do
chores. I always used to read before going sleep.
My next love, at about the same time, was swimming. I was the youngest at the time to get my Swimmer's badge. In fact when
I took the test, the instructor put in the lane next to side of the pool, in case I had any trouble! (Snort of derision) I
came in fourth and had no trouble. They wanted me to join the swim team, but I declined. I loved swimming too much to make
it work or a chore. I just wanted to delight in swimming, for fun.


Mary Beth said...

Mmmm, reading as a first love. That is true for me, also!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

wow... she cooks and she swims!! i don't do either... so more power to you!! (well okay I can cook... I just choose not to... swimming is another thing.)